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Avenue Snacks
100/100 (0 ratings)
"Being a specialist i am in position to visit many places for Food and beverage . This has been my favourite place for a healthy snack in..."
Petros Sofokleous
"Απίστευτο σέρβις, υπέροχοι άνθρωποι. Χαμογελαστοί, καλοσυνάτοι, εξυπηρετικοί,..."
Andreas Veros
Veronica Michaelides
"One of the best places I have ordered food and sweets from! Very warm place and atmosphere, attractive people and amazing service complete the good..."
Constantinos Christou
"Totally addicted to Get Fresh's hot pots and soups. Not only do they taste amazing but are really healthy too. Totally..."
Melanie Louise
"I've ordered from GetFresh for years - always happy with the food and the service. The menu changes as well so customers have something to look..."
Maria Vlaeva
"One of the few places where healthy and tasty go together :) Always great service as..."
Lusine Mirzoyan
"Great food! Great service! Great people. I love..."
Costas Constantinou
"Πολύ καλά φαγητά και γλυκά. Ποικιλία απο σάντουιτς,σαλάτες και σούπες. Επίσης..."
Constantinos Andreou
"Definitely addictive, amazing healthy food, great service, always smiling faces..."
Helen Mourouzidi
"Saved me from the urban desert of Nicosia during my first afternoon in Cyprus. And I falling in love with Get Fresh......"
Francesco del Viscio
"Excellent food for healthy eating. Fast delivery. Best service. Thank you..."
Olga Kosareva Polyviou
"You delivered a first class salad and juice, thank you. If I was in Cyprus longer, I would work my way through your menu. I would love a Get Fresh in..."
Daniella Sargent
"We had yesterday our company lunch from you guys- Great food and service. From the girl Melisa who took our order in the shop to the delivery guy all..."
Kyriakos Olymbios
Mikaella Sweets
100/100 (413 ratings)
"Delicious cookie cake in the shape of an E!! Fresh fruit and more importantly delic mascarpone cream! Yum! Oh and... Value for money and polite/..."
Effie Christou Andreou
"Μπράβο Μικαέλλα μου! Το πάθος για τη δουλειά σου θα φέρνει πάντα υπέροχα..."
Antri Panayi Kythreotou
"Το πλέον κατάλληλο άτομο για αυτή την δουλειά! Τόσο γλυκιά όσο και οι δημιουργίες..."
Christina Evripidou
"To pio teleio, nostimo k zoumero carrot cake p efaga pote!!! 5***** Xilia..."
Petros Annita
"Mikaella mou mpravo sou oxi mono gia tin emfanisi alla kiriws gia tin gefsi kai tin poiotita. Sigxaritiria..."
Koulla Hadjiphilippou
"Thank you for the amazing cake of our little prince bday cake! Keep up the good work! Thanks..."
Anastacia Savvidou
"Υπέροχες δημιουργίες με λαχταριστή γεύση. .!!! Το πιο σημαντικό από όλα όμως είναι..."
Ioanna Ioannidou
"Amazing birthday cake and excellent service! Total success for my 26th daughter's birthday. I will definitely order again. Thank you..."
Mona Michael
"Mikaella is an amazing artist who devotes a great amount of time and research for every order she gets. There is a wide variety of flavours on offer..."
Christina Leigh Antoniou
"Apisteuti geusi me iperoxa sxedia k xromata k sundiasmos fantasias!!!!amesi exipiretisi me thetiki energeia!!!! U are the best darling..."
Nandia Pallidou Palazi
"Delicious cupcakes! Lovely design! Couldn't make better choice. Thank you Mikaella mou!..."
Ellene Loizou
"Just a bite from the cakes will convince you it was made with passion. After the bite though no sharing of the..."
Aris Christoforou
"Amazing cakes and excellent service! I will definitely order again. Thank you!!..."
Yiota Aristodemou
"Ο πιο γλυκός άνθρωπος φτιάχνει τα πιο νόστιμα γλυκά!!! Go for..."
Christina Theocharous
"The best cupcakes you will every try in your life!!! Insanely gorgeous..."
Nazish Hussain