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Pizza Mine
89/100 (27 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
"You like pizza? You are vegan? Than this pizza will satisfy you! It is delicious, has a slim and crispy bottom, the vegan cheese is fantastic and if..."
Verena Walter
"None of that commercial pizza stuff, tailor made pizza with lots of toppings. As a pizza lover, I have tried many pizzas and for me, this place has..."
Chris Christou
"Superb pizza! Finally, a decent pizza, perfect crust and toppings. So happy I found you. Thank..."
Xenia Zorna Trikoupi
"amazing light chewy crust, super fast service, great prices, fun with the kids ... and the four-cheese pizza is just ridiculous! It is consistently..."
Linda Woods Young
"If you are Nicosia and feeling hungry, its the place for pizza. Excellent service and food at an amazing price. Pizza made the way you want..."
Roussou Chris
"Quality pizza Wide variety of good quality ingredients Good price Nice environment Excellent/friendly service ...good job! A must..."
Shadi Sarieddine
"Bravo for having a vegan pizza option which is actually really..."
Maria Tsiarta
"Φανταστική pizza...! Εξαιρετική γεύση και Vegan friendly...! �..."
Aristos Kyriakides
"Telia pizza, freska ilika, an thelis tin ftiaxnis monos sou! Polla omorfos xoros, exi paixnidia gia mora! Oti prepi! Mas arese para..."
Olena Andreou
"Telia eksipiretisi epitelous mia authentiki Italiki pizzaria stin Lemeso!!!!..."
Anastasia Papayianni
"The best..."
Matheos Nikolaou
"Υπέροχος χώρος, οι πίτσες απίθανες ευχαριστώ πολύ για το δώρο που κέρδισα και..."
Aggelos Evaggelou
"Love it. Υπέροχη, εύγευστη με ολόφρεσκα υλικά και πολύ γρήγορη..."
Evangelia Evangelou-Andreou
"I ketchup en peritti Gia tunti pizza..Den eine San tis..."
Demetris Papaconstantinou
"Απλά η καλύτερη ιταλική πίτσα στην καλύτερη..."
Kyriacos Aristides